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Hosting the AFAS 2015 successfully

We successfully completed the Asia Forum for Aesthetic Surgery & Medicine, held in COEX on March 27-29. About 1500, including 1100 from abroad participated the forum.

Starting with the Faculty Meeting on March 27th, Dr. Melvin A Shiffman from the U.S., Fumihiko Umezawa, the chairman of JSAS, and presidents of each academy announced the subjects of lectures in all areas of aesthetic surgery. Also, performances of eyes, nose, and face lifting went live on the internet.

About 1,000 participants from 16 different countries such as China, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Mongolia, etc. enjoyed the welcome reception held at COEX, from 6:10 to 9. They had dinner with Samulnori and B-boy dancing performances.

About 90 companies included 5 companies from abroad displayed their products at the forum. Participants could check the level of Korea aesthetic surgery and the superiority of Korean products. Also, they attended Dressing the traditional Korean clothing event provided by the Seoul government and took photos, admiring the clothes.

The AFAS has now been the leading international conference in Asia. The AFAS is nominated as the one and only international congress of Seoul governments internationalization support project.

Lim Jong-hak, the president of KAAS, said, We will hold the AFAS every spring, and the international congress of Korea-Japan-China aesthetic surgery & medicine every autumn. So, we will try to promulgate the superiority of Korea aesthetic surgery and provide local companies opportunities to export their medical instruments. We hope to get a lot of support from our members for the development of our academy.


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